The quality of workmanship:

A cooker hood is not a purchase for one season but a product that will serve you for many years.
It is guaranteed by the materials and production technologies used by HAAG.

25 years on the market allowed HAAG to eliminate poor quality materials, paint coatings or moving elements as well as patent many great solutions placing the company ahead of the competition, and leaving no chance for counterfeits and unknown brands.

“Beauty is in the details”, so unlike our competition, we show them!


How often do you put something somewhere… and you cannot find it later?

 Enough of that! The fantastic HAAG remote control, allowing you to change the parameters of the cooker hood operation from a distance, has a MAGNET which allows you to keep it on any steel surface at any angle… on the refrigerator, the casing of the hood or any other steel surface.

HAAG remote control


LED lighting sweeps the market!:

-LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient source of light today! They are ten times more energy efficient than traditional light bulbs!
The light emitted by LED bulbs does not tire your eyes or affect your mood in a negative way.
-LED bulbs have a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours that is about 11 years of continuous operation, and even frequent switching on and off  does not shorten their life. For comparison, the lifetime of a traditional bulb is about 600 hours.
-LED bulbs do not get hot and are resistant to difficult conditions.


LED light


“Perfectly manufactured elements”:

For many years, goods from China have been recognized as made of poor material, badly fitted, sometimes even dangerous.

China as well as young unknown brands have problems with achieving the appropriate quality.

Buying from HAAG, a manufacturer with 25 years of experience, you get goods which are perfectly fitted and reliable.

Does your old cooker hood bend and crack in your hands?
No holes in which you could fit your finger, beautiful finish and no sharp edges are just some of the features which we can guarantee.


“No bothersome noise and vibrations”:

As you know, all machines and appliances are a source of vibrations and noise which can affect not only your mood but also health. HAAG cooker hoods are one of the quietest and at the same time the most efficient hoods on the market. The use of turbines well proven during many years of experience as well as patented airstream mechanisms will ensure that from now on cooking will be a nice way..

     ..of spending your free time!.

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