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A modern remote control with a magnet! 7 speed operation

Description: (Cooker Hood HAAG Venus)

Last one on stock! No more!

The VENUS cooker hood is a high-end model at a favorable price.
The combination of the materials used, modern design and state-of-the-art technologies guarantees your satisfaction with the chosen cooker hood!

- convenient electronic with display control!
- telescopic chimney (with adjustable height!)
- patented silencing system for hood casing
- patented system for vibration elimination
- patented activated carbon filter installation
- easily cleaned aluminum grease filter
- possibility of using carbon filters (ability of operating in a closed circulation mode)

In the VENUS model, an aluminum grease filter is used – it can be washed in hot water with some detergent
         - you do not need to buy new ones!

Another big advantage is the possibility of applying carbon cassette filters and their easy installation (ability of operating in a closed circulation mode)!

Another advantage of this hood is an innovative silencing system.

Telescopic chimney allowing for much easier installation.

… All of this makes the VENUS cooker hood an object of great demand thanks to its unique design and functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions:
How are the fumes discharged into the flue?
- The chimney you can see in the picture is a telescopic cover which allows you to adjust its height to the ceiling, but that is just a cover. Inside the chimney, there is a pipe which needs to be connected between the body of the hood and the exhaust flue. Given the fact that every apartment has the vent in a different place, the pipe is not a part of the cooker hood kit.

Where is the air outlet and what is its diameter?
- The air outlet of the hood is at the center of its top side, in the middle of the chimney. It has 120mm of diameter.

Does the kit include a carbon filter?
- The carbon filter is required only when the hood is not connected to the ventilation system. In order to guarantee the most favorable prices for those who do not need the filter, it is not included in the kit. A round filter fits this model and obviously we sell it – you will find it in the accessories section. See our offer!

I want my cooker hood to work in a filter mode. How many filters do I need and how to install them?
- To properly operate in a filter mode, the VENUS model needs to have two round filters installed at the same time. Remove aluminum grease filter (there is a latch). Then you can see and access the turbine. The filters are installed on the sides by putting them on the mandrel protruding from the turbine which then have to be gently turned in order to fix the filter.

How long is the power cable and what kind of connector does it have?
- The cable is 1.3m long and it ends with a standard domestic plug.

We are always eager to answer and advise you - helpline 0782 1324485

Product Specifications:

Cooker hood type: Chimney hoods
Width: Select option below (1 Options)
Color (made of): Stainless Steel, transparent glass
Performance: 610m3/h
Noise level: 52 dB
Control: Electronic with display
Variant of work: Ducted or recirculation with 1 carbon filter
Lighting: Halogen
Number of packages: 1
Width: 60cm/23.62in
Availability: Out of stock. In production!
if the item is available in stock, we will dispatch it within: Dispatch in 24hours!
Price: 149.00 GBP incl. 20% TAX
plus delivery from: 7.99* GBP incl. 20% TAX
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